GCX Exhibitor’s Space Information

The Geeks of Color Exhibit Space will be open at the following times:

Friday, February 14th 12:00p – 8:00p
Saturday, February 15th 11:00a – 8:00p
Sunday, February 16th 10:00a – 3:30p

Exhibitor check-in will be available at the main registration table. Load-in begins Thursday, February 13th at 2:00 pm. Please make sure to check in with Registration prior to moving in your items.

Booth pricing is as follows as of November 30th, 2019:

Small Booths (6′ x 8′) – $120.00
Medium Booths (8′ x 10′) – $150.00
Large Booths (10′ x 10′) – $195.00

Vendor booths come with the following:
6′ x 2′ table with skirt/cover
Two (2) chairs
Two (2) badges per booth.
Lunch is automatically included in pricing listed above

The person applying for the table will be the primary table holder and the ONLY person allowed to check-in for the table and receive badges.


All exhibitors must show a government-issued, photo ID to exhibit at Geeks of Color Expo. If an exhibitor is not able to produce a valid ID at check in, their table(s) will be held until 8:00 PM on Friday, at which point the table(s) will be considered unclaimed and open for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. Accepted forms of ID include but are not limited to:

A state driver’s license

State-issued identification card

A passport

Military ID

Other forms of photo ID may be accepted at the discretion of Geeks of Color Expo staff. The name on the ID must match the name given during booth registration.


To exhibit at Geeks of Color Expo, you must agree to the rules and terms in writing. A contract for all exhibitors must be signed at check-in. Refusal to do so is grounds for dismissal from vending at Geeks of Color Expo.

A person must be at least 18 years old in order to sign the contract. Therefore, any person who is not 18 must have an adult sign the contract on their behalf. The adult who co-signed the contract must be present to check-in for a table, must remain present at the table at all times, and must accept responsibility for any failure of the under-aged exhibitor to comply with all convention policies as well as applicable laws.

Any and all questions can be directed to vendors.gcxaustin@gmail.com.